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The trip was amazing!!!!!!  

We had so much fun in beautiful Sydney. The Blue Mountains Bush walk was so fun. The driver served us tea on the way there at a lookout point, we did the HARD!!!! 4.5 hike. Oh my! And I thought Bootcamp prepared me for that! WOW!  

Then we rode the incline railway car back to the top. THEN the driver took us to the Featherdale zoo where I got all teary eyed when getting my picture taken with a Koala! That made Sammy laugh. No idea why I teared up! What sweet sweet animals. We pet tons of kangaroo too!....  

Every single flight, bus transfer, car pick up etc was on time. It all went so smoothly. Like clock work! You should totally continue to book people with Quicksilver for the reef. They were so professional and so helpful. ... Uluru was amazing!!!! The whole trip was amazing.  

--Michelle and Sammy Ragan Custom Designed trip to Sydney, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and Cairns

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